About Svensk Licens Svetsning AB (SLS)

SVENSK LICENS SVETSNING AB (SLS) / Swedish Certified Welding Company was founded in Norrköping in 1995 by Rickard Reimander who still owns and runs the company.

We have a wide range of customers spread around the globe including manufacturing companies, real estate and property developers and local councils. Our wide-ranging work includes the manufacture, assembly and installation of centralised cooling and heating systems and district heating. We also install traditional building service systems such as heating, ventilation and sanitation (HVS). Our core business is focused on the manufacture, assembly and installation of refrigeration and heating systems..

SLS has large and well equipped facilities for the design, development and manufacture of refrigeration and heating systems.

We customize the manufacture of refrigeration and heating systems to meet our customer's varying demands. Our customers have a range of size and capacity requirements ranging from 50 kW to 4000 kW. At SLS we do everything from the basic first drawings and design to finished assemblies which we then deliver and install ready for operation.

Refrigeration and heating systems are used more widely than you might expect. Refrigeration is an integral part of the manufacturing industry and district cooling is delivered to residential buildings and businesses. Other significant areas include coolers, cold storage facilities and cooling for sports and recreational facilities such as ice rinks and more.

Welding is performed in all materials.

SLS is accredited by Swedac to conduct pressure-testing of up to 180 bars.