The Environment

SLS is actively working on improving the environment for future generations. We are proud to present our environmental policies which have been developed over many years.

We have opted to work with ammonia which is a naturally occurring refrigerant minimising environmental impact. We also manufacture units which use environmentally friendly and approved synthetic refrigerants.

We build highly energy efficient systems using waste heat recovery technology thereby reducing overall energy consumption. Our systems have been installed at several ice rinks where waste heat is recovered and used to warm up dressing rooms and public areas. Other examples include waste heat being recovered and used for underground heating at football grounds, parking lots, etc.

When cooling areas used to store food-stuffs and other perishable goods, our energy saving solutions are used to re-direct the waste heat generated to other areas of the store or warehouse. It’s a smart way of saving both the environment and the economy.

ISO 3834-2 certified.